1. Copyright of work submitted while applying for the IIA Awards will remain with the original author.
2. The original author or the copyright owner of the work, while applying for the IIA Award(s), grants non-exclusive license, with no claim to compensation, to IIA and its assigns to display, publish or otherwise exhibit the work as it may deem appropriate.
3. In case the original author is not the copyright owner but is applying for the award, the applicant shall furnish a valid exclusive license authorising it to submit and grant non-exclusive license to the Indian Institute of Architects without any payments and/or royalties.
4. Presentation of an Award to any entry in no way legalizes its status.
5. If, at any time, any violation is brought to the notice of the Organizers along with documentary evidence, the organizers reserve the rights to withdraw / cancel the application / award.
6. Award winning entries may be published in the official websites of IIA, and the Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects.